Company History
Aero Service Corporation began in the summer of 1919 when a group of
returning WWI pilots set up a company originally known as
Pennsylvania Aero Service Corp.  In 1920 the company name was
changed to simply Aero Service Corp.  We believe that the original
principals and pilots were J. Wesley Smith
, John C. Howard ,  Neil
Johnston and Forrester Scott.
Early Years
The original founders, like many others, weren't sure of their direction
but knew that aviation was where they wanted to be.  They tried
instructing, carrying packages, scheduled air service, parts and aircraft
sales and eventually settled into the aerial photographic business.
Later Years
Following WW2 the company expanded globally with business from
governments, oil companies and others.  The company was sold a
Canadian company Intera in 1990.
With the help of wealthy Philadelphia socialite Mary K. (May) Gibson the
company struggled along until 1927 when it was sold to Virgil Kauffman.  
Kauffman focused the company on aerial photography and eventually
magnetic surveys.  The company expanded into a successful aviation
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In Memoriam Of Those Who Perished While Serving The Company
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